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Mother and Baby Sleeping

Feeling exhausted? Get your baby's sleep on track with a certified baby sleep consultant.


Straight From the Source

I cannot recommend Paulina enough! She helped create a plan for my daughter with options for resettling that suited her needs, our parenting style, and what we were comfortable with. Not only was the information and recommendations given helpful but Paulina made herself available for support when needed. Thanks to Paulina, Olivia is thriving and sleeping like an angel. Thank you Paulina!

Paris Radman, Sydney

My husband and I were struggling with our 4 month old's sleeping routine as he liked to be rocked to sleep. This was taking a big toll on my back as he was on the heavier side for his age. We were lucky enough to come across Paulina. She was wonderful at understanding our situation and giving us guidance and options on how we could solve it. Paulina helped us through this particularly tricky period and we found her follow-ups to check in on our progress with our beautiful son really beneficial. Thank you so much Paulina, you did an amazing job!

Tania Hernadez, Sydney

Angela Doan, Sydney

Unlike the other approaches that I have tried before, Paulina gently guided me through the sleep journey every step of the way so that we felt safe and supported the whole way. Thank you so much Paulina for your attention to detail and for customising a practical approach for us! Our household is finally getting some good sleep!


My name is Paulina. I'm a mother and certified baby sleep consultant from Sydney.  I help mums, dads and caregivers with their child's sleep from birth to 5 years of age. Whether it's setting up healthy sleep habits for your newborn, teaching your baby to sleep through the night (4+ months), or tweaking your toddler's routine to improve their sleep, I am here to help.

I understand first-hand how hard it is to be severely sleep deprived whilst raising a baby. I want to help you solve your child's sleep issues. I want you to be in control of your days and nights again.  And, most importantly, I want you and your child to enjoy the benefits of adequate sleep.


After our consultation, I will create a custom sleep plan tailored to you and your baby, and  provide you with 7 days of ongoing support via text and email. Wondering how I can help you? Book in a free 15 minute phone consult so we can discuss.

A Mon and with A Baby



Not too long ago, I was a very sleepy mum. Exhausted is probably a better word for it.

As a solicitor, I was used to having control over things and finding answers to problems. But as a mother, I felt powerless when it came to my baby's sleep. 

I wasted time and money on baby sleep schedules. I scoured the internet for answers. I called parent helplines. I bought gadgets that claimed to improve sleep. I asked everyone I knew with a baby for sleep advice. I didn't find any solutions, but I did discover that many parents were in the same boat as me. I wondered why this was such a common issue across the board and whether there were any solutions that actually worked. I knew that surely - in the age of artificial intelligence and smartphones - someone had figured out an effective way to help babies sleep better.

So, I made it my mission to find answers. I studied with the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting and became a certified baby and child sleep consultant (and member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists). My baby is now a great little sleeper and I've helped many parents resolve their baby's sleep issues. As cliched as it sounds, I find joy in empowering parents by teaching them the skills needed to improve their baby's sleep and regain control over their lives.  After all, that is what I have spent most of my working life doing - helping people find solutions to problems.


I remember feeling liberated when my baby started sleeping well. I want every parent who struggles with their baby's sleep to know that it can get better. Your baby can become a good sleeper. All you need is the right information - and guidance from someone who knows what they're doing.

I'm no longer an exhausted parent, but I'm still Sleepy Mum.

Sleeping Baby



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